MadMod X was created by Rexpage. It is the program used to install the Football-Freaks Madden Modifications (installation instructions can be found on their pages; FF2009 Mod, FF2010 Mod, and FFXI Mod.) It also includes many editors and utilities on the side, such as NZA's Editor version 1.3, NZA's Editor version 2.0, MadWolf Custom Team Swapper, Madden Amp, the Franchise to Roster Converter, the Offensive and Defensive playbook editors, the Playbook Merger, and JD's Superstar Utility. Those are not the only ones, just some major examples. MadMod X also allows you to make and install your own custom mods, which will be explained in the tutorial for making custom mods.

The link to MadMod X is Here (Zippyshare Link)

Included tools

MadMod-X installer also comes with these Included Madden tools and Utilities:

Dat File Replacer 4.0 and 3.0(RexPage & JdHalfrack)
MMAPper 3.2 (RexPage & JdHalfrack)
SoundConverter 2.1 (RexPage)
Dat Batch Replacer 4.0 (Packfan0820 & RexPage & JdHalfrack)
Dat Editor Extreme beta (Stingray)
Extracted Dat Reader 1.0 (RexPage)
Dat Info Reporter 1.0 (Packfan0820)
Madden DB Editor 2.0 (Packfan0820)
MadUniform 1.0 (RexPage)

NZA's Editor versions 2.0 and 1.3 (NZA)
JD's Superstar Utility 2.0 (JD Halfrack)
Offensive Playbook Editor 2.1 (Packfan0820)
Defensive Playbook Editor 1.0 (Packfan0820)
Playbook Merger 2.0 (Packfan0820)
MadSkinner 1.0 (RexPage)
User Profile Editor (altova)

along with many other tools and utilities.

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